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Stacey thanks the cooking website that cuts to the chase

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010


This week while at my parents house in Erie, it’s been great to not have to lift a finger when it comes to cooking, cleaning, or even taking care of my child. In fact, the other afternoon I saw Ollie taking a steel hammer to the glass in my parents’ French doors and I thought, “Not my problem!” I figure, when Ollie is at Grandma and Gramps’ house — he’s their responsibility!

Of course, I miss Grey who is at home slaving away at work, but I’ll admit, it has been nice to have a little break from all my stay-at-home mom duties. For some reason, the task that gets the most annoying for me, is figuring out what I’m going to make for dinner every night. I usually love cooking and maybe it’s because I’m pregnant, but for the past few months coming up with new recipes has been pure torture. Even slopping together old standby dinners has been hell and there’s only so many Tony’s pizzas one can eat before they spontaneously combust.

That’s why when my friend Laura sent me the link to this website, I thought it was hilarious. These people read my mind! It’s the exact same thing I ask myself every day around 4pm! whatthefuckshouldImakefordinner is simple and concise — and it actually links you to some good recipes. Plus, it overuses the F-bomb, which, like a seventh grader, never gets old for me. So tomorrow night when you’re wondering what the fuck you should make for dinner — you know where to turn!