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Karin thanks her most creative gift giver

Saturday, July 24th, 2010


I now own a kangaroo scrotum. That’s right. Kangaroo balls in layman’s term. Now why do I own this mighty item? Because my friend Lauren is an original. And rather awesome.

She is a tad worried about me going to Nepal and up part of that great mountain. So instead of nagging me not to go, she bought me a lucky talisman. While some might wrap up a rabbit’s foot or a few lucky pennies, Lauren went rogue. She read that the youngest person to ever climb Everest, Jordan Romero, carried kangaroo testicles with him all the way to the top. They were given to him by a young friend who has cancer, and Jordan carried them with him during his whole journey.

Lauren was originally going to buy me kangaroo testicles, but the only ones she could find on the market were attached to a wine opener and she was afraid they would be confiscated by a very confused TSA. So scrotum it is! And being the benevolent soul that she is, she also bought Craig a scrotum. So together we have a set and they are going up that mountain with us. Thank you Lauren, you are my partner in silliness always and forever.

Lauren, the kind kind scrotum giver.

Lauren, the kind kind scrotum giver.