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Karin thanks the sorority she never had

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
I remember the first time I watched Greek. It was with the eyes of a hungover skeptic.  The show really appealed to me because I was able to say the title without getting dizzy and ill. So I ignored the fact that it was playing on ABC Family and started to watch. Five minutes later and I knew this one was made for me. High maintenance women, binge drinking, elitist clubs, gossip, slutty frat boys with hearts of gold, and oh so much more. All of a sudden I was living the Greek life I was cheated of!

Vassar College, while a really lovely institution which I adored, is sadly devoid of frats and sororities. While I absolutely didn’t care about this at all when I was in school, watching Greek made me realize how much I missed out. I too could have worn a pink sweatshirt with cryptic letters that allowed me to haze my peers and sleep with frat boys. I could have hated girls for no reason except that they were in a less fabulous sorority and had a whole house of hot men drunk and ready to play bedroom explorer.

Maybe it was the fact that I glued my eyes open when Greek was on or took the “which Greek character are you?” quiz every other day (I’m Evan Chambers of course), but Craig started to take pity on me. Never mind that I have him completely hooked to the show targeted at high schoolers too. So for Christmas this year he had the genius idea of buying me Zeta Beta Zeta gear as stocking stuffers so that I could feel like one of the greatest girls at Cyprus Rhodes University!

Casey and Ashley in ZBZ pink!

Casey and Ashley in ZBZ pink!

Here I am in my amazing Zeta Beta Zeta gear!! Why didn't Vassar have sororities! Curse these eenie weenie liberal arts colleges!

Here I am in my amazing Zeta Beta Zeta gear!! Why didn't Vassar have sororities! Curse these eenie weenie liberal arts colleges!

Stacey thanks her sorority for teaching life lessons (and kegstand techniques)

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Biggie Letter0026

When I first went to Penn State I vowed to never join a “stupid sorority” but I quickly realized I was born to be Greek. The rituals, the chants, the fraternity boys, the cheesy skits, the drama, the slutty clothes — it was in the very marrow of my bones. How could I not rush?

So, when I initially heard the news about Nationals closing our chapter, my first response was, “Did we rape someone?” I figured it was the only thing we could have done to merit a chapter revocation — and the Delts always were a rowdy bunch. But of course, it was for “hazing and risk management” violations — whatever that means.

I mean seriously. Hazing. Don’t they know being locked in a dark basement closet with 22 of your friends is fun? And the screaming? I mean, geez, we deserved it — we were 19-year-olds gone wild and the only thing holding us back from chugging more beers than Homer Simpson and then making out with some random frat boy was the consequence of knowing if we did, we’d be yelled at the next day during line ups. All the “hazing” had a purpose — it banded our 23-girl pledge class together — but also kept us in check that first semester at school, when, if it weren’t for the sorority, I know I probably would have flunked out. That seems to be the very definition of “risk management.”

So as much as I am thankful for Delta Delta Delta for enhancing my college experience — I also really question Nationals decision to close Alpha Phi. It seems to me that whatever the girls’ violations were — they can’t be that creative. They’re probably only doing what most of the other 150 chapters of TriDelt are doing all over the country. Instead of shutting them down — why not teach them a REAL lesson? Publicize what their crimes were in the Daily Collegian and then force them to wear modest attire from Lane Bryant for the rest of the year. Make them go without makeup to class and only socialize with the chemistry-honors fraternity. Insist they trade their skinny Sevens for high waisted Mom jeans. Now that would be punishment.

But as it stands, the girls will probably just keep doing whatever bad things it was they were doing – and there are a whole bunch of Penn State TriDelts without an alumnae chapter. Boo.


Who could forget the SNL skit about TriDelts!?