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Karin thanks the singing man from Maryland

Saturday, February 6th, 2010


Though I only met Ginuwine in 2009, I have been a fan ever since I made out with the finest teenagers Washington D.C. ever produced to Ginuwine’s 1996 hit “Pony.” You know the one that goes, “If you’re horny lets do it , Ride it my pony , My saddle’s waiting, Come and jump on it.” The song is pure romance and the spoiled little pieces of crap I used to lock lips with in my youth used to like to pump it while driving their parents’ cars and drinking Alizé out of their parents’ crystal tumblers.

But when I met Genuine, thanks to my wonderful friends Dannia and Sherry who rep him through MoKi Media, he was not what I expected. First off, I had no idea that he hailed from our fair capital and that he still lived just around the bend in Maryland. No one famous ever stays here unless they have presidential aspirations. Secondly, he was so genuinely (haha!) friendly that it kind of threw me. Famous people are never nice.

I had a drink on Thursday with my friend Cynthia who is a big shot at Essence Magazine. We had a grand old time sharing stories of all the famous people who have brushed us off. She just interviewed POTUS himself, so I feel like all that’s behind her now, but I’m pretty sure Ben Affleck is going to yell at me again in my future. We also talked about nice celebs, and I brought up Ginuwine. Often my workday consists of being heckled by the Washington Ballet, but one perk of my gig is getting to meet a lot of famous people. For instance, Richard Gere is a very close talker. Like my nose almost touched his. I probably could have just stuck out my tongue and licked him we were so damn close during our interview. But when we were done he addressed me like a six year old and told me I hadn’t asked any stupid questions. Grand.

Ginuwine brought back my faith in the famous. Just because America knows your name does not mean you instantly become a huge asshole, you can even be really really nice.


Ginuwine and I were both born in Washington D.C. As almost no children are born in this fair city, or it feels like that anyway, I feel like we just have SO much in common. This dashing photo is from Ginuwine's new album. We have this picture on our wall of fame at work and Kelly always mentions how she feels his eyes on her as she updates our internal calendar.