Stacey thanks the original Incredible Hulk


On a whim a few months ago, I bought Ollie an Incredible Hulk set of Underoos at Gabe’s in Erie for two bucks. I was obsessed with the Incredible Hulk as a child (I still think ripped purple pants on men are sexy) and I figured, what the hell? Little did I know this purchase would be the beginning of Ollie’s idolization of the Hulk as well.

From this little t-shirt set, a love of all things “Hulk” has blossomed. Yesterday, Ollie, who now refers to himself as, “Little Hulk” in the third person, chose to wear an entirely green outfit and pretend he was the superhero. He growled at old ladies walking their dogs, leaped out of jungle gyms screaming, and at one point, even smashed his fingers in the electric car window — all in an effort to recreate the rageful beast’s antics.

I can only imagine how proud Lou Ferrigno (the actor that played the Hulk in the 80s TV series) would be if he could see our little impersonator in action. To know his green-eyed grunting and growling was still affecting current generations — well, that’s something that should make this actor proud!

Hulk eats!

Hulk eats!

Hulk flies! (This obsession is definitely better than Pee-Wee!)

Hulk flies! (This obsession is definitely better than Pee-Wee!)

Funny, how this man has influenced our family!

Funny, how this man has influenced our family!

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3 Responses to “Stacey thanks the original Incredible Hulk”

  1. LBA says:

    funny – i used to love the incredible hulk also. what is it about that guy?!

  2. Jenni and Hunter says:

    Sadly I loved the show but for Bill Bixby, aka Dr. David Banner. My dad actually caught me on tape when I was 3 professing my love for him. Completely embarrasing! Lou was pretty cool too though and so much better than the animation Hulk in the new movies!

  3. Stacey says:

    Glad you hear you ladies loved The HULK as well! Or at least the mad scientist that was his double! ha! I feel like it was an early warning sign that I’d have a thing for drunk frat boys later in life (um, not now…but in college.).

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